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Emma Kayani aka ‘Emma’s Curls’ started her blog way back in 2013 but didn’t start taking it seriously until 2017; she soon found her following grow, more opportunities come her way and a new community of natural hair bloggers she could relate to and connect with. We caught up with her over coffee to find out some more about her journey thus far……  

What led you to start blogging and how did you get to this point in your blogging career?

I sorted my blog when I started transitioning to my natural hair, for a couple of years I used straighteners and relaxers and so I wanted to get my curls back. I started my blog partly for myself as I became passionate about natural hair products and also because at the time when I started I noticed that there was a gap in the market as there weren’t many reviews online on curly hair products in the UK specifically. So part of it was a hobby, part of it was because I didn’t see it online, so I thought it would be useful for other people who were having the same experiences as myself.

How long have you been blogging for?

I’ve been blogging since 2013 very casually but I didn’t really take blogging seriously until 2017.

So do you plan to continue with it further?

Absolutely – I am really invested in it now. This is due to the fact that in 2017 I made an Instagram page and noticed that I began to get followers. I had no idea at the time that there was a massive natural hair community out there, I realised that people actually read my reviews, as my original intention was simply for myself to tack my personal progress. As I had more readers I began to enjoy myself with it. It’s great to have feedback from readers, and that’s what motivated me to carry on doing it up till today.

Is your blogging quite interactive? Do you get people asking a lot of questions?

Yes – people ask questions pertaining to their children’s hair, others ask general questions pertaining to their hair. Even my own friends ask me questions for themselves and their family members, which is really good.

What do you find most rewarding as well as challenging about blogging and being on social media?

Most rewarding – being able to help people. I love to help people in general and give advice, so to be able to help people with hair advice is so rewarding and satisfying. What’s also rewarding is being able to meet other like-minded women, share similar stories and really having that instant connection with them.

Challenging – Having to be consistent can be a challenge. Also with social media you’re constantly comparing yourself to other people. Everybody’s hair is similar in some ways but equally very different, so the big lesson I learnt in 2017 is that you need to own what you have, focus on yourself not constantly compare yourself to others.

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