I love my natural hair. But I couldn’t always say that because there was a time I just didn’t understand how to care for and manage my hair. After heat damage, dry hair, split ends and fraying edges I’d had enough and knew I had to reeducate myself about how to care for my hair.

Reeducate made me realise that natural hair needs to be cared for with natural products, so after trimming off the damage I begun to search for quality natural hair products free from all the nasties that dry and damage my hair.

I found that there are many good products made by passionate and talented people but there wasn’t one place where they were all together thus Detangled Hair was born.

Think of us as your local market place where you can find great quality natural products, get to know the people behind the products, share tips, get advice, find local hair stylists and that’s just for starters.

I wanted to create a site that my friends and I would use and I’m so proud of where we’ve started and am excited for the journey ahead.

So now I can banish the bad hair days, accessories and protect while supporting small and local businesses and so can you.

Welcome to Detangled Hair!



Detangled Hair Founder