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Connect with customers in the U.K.  and internationally looking for quality hair care products, skin care products, unique hair accessories, male grooming products and fantastic hair services; open your Detangled Hair shop or join our community of services.

Join our online natural hair and skin care marketplace and community to meet the needs of a growing number of customers seeking quality, unique and natural products and excellent hair services.

Low fees

It’s free to list items in your shop and once you make a sale you pay a small commission fee of between 15-20%*.

Dashboard made easy

We’ve created simple dashboard functions and tools to make it super easy to mange your shop, promote your products and grow your business.

Here to support

We’ll provide tips to support you in managing your business well and successfully selling your items or promoting your services. Contact our team at anytime to get the help you need.

Ready to sell? Open your Detangled Hair shop today!

We love being upfront

No monthly fees for Vendors

Secure Transactions

Monthly deposits

Start selling for free

It’s free to upload and publish your pictures**; so start selling today!

Your commission will be worked out based on our sellers criteria and will fall between 15% – 20% of your total monthly sales.

You can be assured that our processed payments are secure as we use an SSL-encrypted payment platform.

What can you sell on Detangled Hair?

-Natural hair products (Including organic and vegan/vegetarian products)

-Handmade hair accessories

-Hair tools

-Natural Skin products

-Natural Male Grooming products

-Natural hair and skin products for babies and children

-Books on natural hair care

-Natural hair inspired stationery & bags

What services can you advertise on Detangled Hair?

-Mobile Hair stylists

-Natural Hair hairdressers

-Mobile barbers


-Hair courses

-Trichology services

-Hair coaching services

How do the fees work on Detangled Hair?

Registering with Detangled Hair and opening your shop is free. Listing and publishing your products in your shop is also free. Vendors pay a commission fee on their total monthly sales.

A breakdown of your commission is provided in your seller dashboard.

What information do I need to open a Detangled Hair shop?

It is really easy to open a shop on Detangled Hair; you first need to register with us and create a vendor account; then you simply pick a name for your shop, set your location, tell our customers something about you and your business, upload your pictures and start listing.

What products can I sell on Detangled Hair?

Our marketplace is a home for UK made natural hair products (we love handmade products!), handmade accessories, hair tools and natural skincare products. We are a home for natural male grooming products as well as natural hair and skin products for children and babies. You can also sell natural hair inspired stationery and bags all lovingly made in the UK, by UK sellers.

How do I receive payment?

You receive monthly payment deposits into your PayPal account via Detangled Hair. We are partnered with World Pay and Paypal which allows your shop to accept payments from a variety of payment methods.

Do I need a debit or credit card to open a shop?

No, your commission information will be sent to you via your dashboard once you have opened your shop and published your listings.

* Dependant on whether your product falls under the ‘luxury product’ category or not
**Shops and products will be reviewed by our team before being published

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